Donations for letter writing

We are an all-volunteer nonprofit 5013c organization based in Tucson, Arizona.  We accept donations using a third-party payment system, Zeffy, Inc.  We chose to utilize Zeffy because it allows us to keep all of our donations without administrative fees.  They have been serving nonprofits in the USA and Canada and are recommended in the non-profit sector.

You may choose any pre-described amount, or write in your contribution amount. Your contribution is appreciated in any amount. 

PLEASE NOTE:  Zeffy will add a preset contribution in addition to your donation. This preset contribution covers the cost of processing your donation by Zeffy.  You can eliminate this preset contribution.   Before adding your payment method, you will confirm your donation.  When you confirm your donation, you have the opportunity to determine if you will include an additional amount to cover the cost of processing your donation by Zeffy.  You may choose “other” from the drop-down menu and then add what you would like, including zero ($0.00).  You ARE NOT obligated to contribute to Zeffy – it is completely voluntary and does not affect your donation to the Arizona Correspondence Society.